Traveling With Candles

Prior to owning a candle business, I'd never really traveled with candles...I always viewed them as something to use at home. But after making our petite luxury candles, and seeing so many of you using them for travel, I decided to bring them along with me, and document what happened. 

My first experience bringing my candles was when I traveled to Denver, Colorado back in October of last year. I brought along 8 7oz candles, as I was looking to shoot a ton of content while I was there. I wasn't sure what to expect at all. I just knew that it wasn't illegal or banned to travel with them. I decided not to check my bags since I was only going to be there for the weekend. Had I known having them in my bag would get me flagged at security, I would've made it so much easier for the guy to inspect them. After my bag went through the scanner, the guy ended up having to  take each candle out of the duster bag and swipe the outside of the vessel with a cotton cloth to make sure there weren't any explosive residue. This process felt like it took forever....but on the bright side, he carefully put each candle back one at a time, and actually loved the way they smelled! 

After this experience, I would advise that if you are planning to travel with candles in your carryon bag, be sure to get to the airport early just in case you get stopped too.  Also when you reach TSA, be sure to place your candles in a separate bin as you would your laptop - this way they have easy access and it draws less suspicion. You will also want to remove the candles from the duster bag so that it's clearly visible that the item is simply a candle. 

The second time, I traveled with candles, I decided to check my bags. I'm not going to lie, I was a bit nervous that they would break, but thankfully they didn't! To make sure they were properly protected I wrapped the heck out of them. I started by wrapping the candles inside of my clothing. Then, I made sure that I had clothes on the top, bottom, and both sides of the candles in order to give them enough cushion. My goal here was to make sure the candles would not move if the luggage was tossed around. So, if you're needing to check your bags, try this and know that bringing your candles with you unharmed is absolutely possible. 

Another time I traveled with my candles, I was headed to LA. This time I only brought a couple of candles.  I took the advice I just gave you guys above and placed them in a separate bin. When I tell you it made getting through security so much easier. My candles weren't flagged at all. They went right through the scanner and I was able to go about my day to my gate. 

I hope my experience helps to shed some light as to what traveling with candles is like. I would highly recommend you try it on your next trip.. And if you need any suggestions, our petite luxury candles are super convenient and don't take up a ton of space when you're needing to pack light. I've been able to use the candles as gifts to whomever I'm visiting or as a way to better relax while in the hotel. 

Have you traveled with candles? Let us know about your experience in the comments.


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