My Top MML Candle Recs This Holiday Season

The holidays are literally around the corner. For those of you who are enjoying them as guests, I don't like you right now, and for those of you who are brave enough to play host/hostess I'm right here with you for moral support. This is actually the first time I am hosting thanksgiving at my house and I am already stressinggggg. I started by creating a list of all the things I need to do. On that list of hundreds of things, one involves decorating --that's probably my favorite item on the list especially because it involves me getting to use my candles as the main focus. I wanted you guys to know which of our candles I recommend, and will be using for my personal home and why.


| The Main Table |

For the main table, I will be using our Rich Bourbon from the On The Rocks collection. Because of its fall notes, it pairs perfectly with the aromas of Thanksgiving food. Additionally, the shape of the vessel is heavy enough to keep runners and table clothes perfectly in place. 

|The Bathroom| 

For the bathroom, I will be using Vitamin Seas. The strong citrus notes will help to fight against any foul smells that are likely to occur when hosting 20 guests. Plus it's gives people the refresh they are looking for when they come to the bathroom. I'm anticipating being asked where's the bathroom so someone can freshen up a bit. A whiff of Vitamin Seas would help them do that, and more - talk about a mood booster! 

|The Living Room| 

For the living room, I will be using our Haven Sunsets candle. It's wide enough to cover the entire area which is perfect since I'll have between 15-20 guests to entertain in that area. It's also neutral enough in the way it exudes clean notes which makes it a vibe welcoming for everyone. 

I hope these recs help you as your tackle the decor for the holidays. Please comment, email, or dm me to let me know which of our candles you used and how your holiday turns out.



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