1. A closer relationship with God
  2. My family
  3. My friends
  4. My customers
  5. MilanMonet Luxe Co.
  6. Good health
  7. Being blessed to help others
  8. Roof over my head (I was once homeless living in a youth shelter in LA at 18 years old) 
  9. Freedom
  10. Experiences from travel (My favorite experience was in Cabo)
  11. My 9-5 job (I'm a Process Manager in the banking industry by day & an Entrepreneur by night) 
  12. Food (I’m such a huge foodie. Whenever I'm at a restaurant with friends, they know to let me take a pic of their food before they start to dig in lol. I even created an Instagram page dedicated to food called @foodismygoto but I haven’t posted in a while)
  13. Exercise 
  14. Books (Currently reading my Bible daily, and finishing up the 4 Hour Work Week and Rich Dad, Poor Dad)
  15. Clothes 
  16. Having an eye for décor (I follow a ton of interior designers and have learned through trial and error what looks best for my style)
  17. Wine (I choose reds 95% of the time)
  18. Champagne (I don’t need a reason to celebrate)
  19. Water (I drink a lot of it at room temperature)
  20. Working on my laptop in the sun 
  21. Trying new places 
  22. Massages (I’ve made a 2021 goal to go once a month)
  23. Getting my nails done
  24. A free spirit (I often dance in front of the mirror just because)
  25. Flowers
  26. Candlelit baths ( I would love to be able to do this more, but it's hard prioritizing it)
  27. Body scrubs
  28. Music 
  29. Movies (My faves are Romantic Comedies) 
  30. Peace & Quiet (I often drive without music, podcasts, etc. just to enjoy the stillness)

My hope is that each of you will find things that you can be grateful for despite the ups & downs you may encounter. No matter where you are in life, try to find the silver lining. 


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