3 Tips For Making Your Candles Last Longer

When you have an amazing candle, you want to be able to enjoy every moment of it, especially when you don't want to have to break the bank just yet to buy more. If this sounds like you, keep reading so you can make sure you're caring for your candles in a way that helps it last longer.

Tip #1

Trim your wick. Trimming the wicks before each burn is such an underrated blessing for your candles. Making sure your wick is no longer than 1/4in each time ensures the candle burns at a consistent pace. It also makes sure that the candle isn't overworking itself by burning too hot thus consuming the wax and fragrance oil at a quicker rate. Essentially by trimming your wicks, you can allow your candles the patience it needs to fully melt and reach the edges of the vessel which gives you the best burn.


Tip #2

Keep your candle away from drafts. I know it's so tempting to have candles in the direction that the air or heat is blowing because it helps to circulate the fragrance within the room better, but this is not something your candles enjoy. Similar to untrimmed wicks, the draft causes your candle to have to work even harder because it's acting as an agent that makes your candles burn hotter --think of the drafts as adding fuel to the fire. You do not want to do this. Keep your candles away from the open windows and away from the direction of the air vents as much as you can.


Tip #3 

Do not blow out your candles. This is such a common mistake that many of us make. We treat it like it's our birthday lol, but this is not how you should put out your candle when done. Instead, you can use a snuffer

which is a tool that easily quenches the flame for you. Another tool you can use is a wick dipper. With this, you simply take the wick and dip it in the wax to extinguish the flame. This is one of my favorite methods because it provides multiple benefits. Not only does it extinguish the flame, but it also re-coats the wick in the wax which better seals, moisturizes, protects your wick which allows for a longer burn AND it removes the smoke that you'd normally see when blowing it out. 


Cheers to longer lasting candles!



If you don't have a snuffer, here's the one that I love and use from our site.

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